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Hair Art Stencil - Winged Unicorn
Hair Art Stencil - Winged Unicorn

Hair Art Stencil - Winged Unicorn

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Hair Art Stencil - Winged Unicorn
ITEM:: MHA 377

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Use Mr. Hair Art Stencils for "Perfect Hair Art Designs Every Time!"

*  3 inches -------- Mini Size-Stencil
*  4 inches --- Regular Size-Stencil
*  5 inches -------- Large Size-Stencil
*  8 inches ------ X Large Size-Stencil

Product Information:  
*  Clear Stencil --- Allows you to See Exactly Where You Want to Place the Design.
*  Washable --- Clean with a Simple Solution like Soap & Water or Isopropyl Alcohol to Remove Mr. Hair Art Color Sprays
*  Sanitary and Re-Usable --- After Cleaning the Stencil can be Used on Customer After Customer
*  Highly Durable --- Stencils will Last for a Long Time Under Proper Use
*  Very Flexible --- Stencils will Bend and Mold Around Customer's Head and/or Body

*  Hold and Position the Stencil against the Hair and/or Body. 
*  Shake your Mr. Hair Art Color Spray Well.
*  Spray the Stencil Design onto the Hair and/or Body Using Short Controlled Bursts Until You are Satisfied with the Design Transfer onto the Hair and/or Body.
*  Remove the Stencil.
*  (For Hair) Clipper Cut Out the Sprayed Design by Tracing the Design with Clippers (Wahl Tattoo Clipper Work Best).
*  You can "Cut Out" the Sprayed Design Area or "Cut In" the Un-Sprayed Design Area, It's Your Choice.
*  Remove Spray by Shampooing the Hair or Use Soap and Water or Even Isopropyl Alcohol on a Towel to Wipe out the excess Spray.
*  The Design Should Now be Clear to See, and You can now Touch Up the Design, Clear any Hairs Leftover and Add Any Finishing Touches to Accent the Design.
*  You can Color the Design with our Mr. Hair Art TWISTERS Color Pencils and/or with our Color Glitter Paints to Really Make the Design POP!
*  Now that the Stencil Design is Cut Into the Hair, You are Free to Add Any Free-Hand Design Work You Wish.

Clear PET Film (Polyethylene Terephthalate Film), same material Water Bottles are made of.

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