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 Rating  R.
                       Thank you.  I received my stencil today and my hairdresser sprayed it on this afternoon. It looked great...
                       Reviewed: on 10/18/2018
Rating  D.S.
Thanks the product is great I love each one so thank you so much
                      Reviewed: on 10/17/2018

Rating  Salon owner
                      Wow! What great service! I needed some help while ordering and                              immediately and patiently answered all of my questions. The product arrived very                            fast! The DVD was a fantastic guide, and the materials are all excellent quality! I will                        be a returning customer for sure!! Bravo! ??
                      Reviewed by:  from Canada. on 6/20/2018

RatingGreat quality & Fast shipping!
Very happy with my stencils! Will be ordering from you again soon! Great quality & Fast shipping!! Thank you!
Reviewed by:  from Fort Lauderdale. on 9/5/2017
Great product & great service, my son actually wanted the stencils to do some art work and they are perfect! Delivery time to Australia was amazing too!
Reviewed by: from Australia. on 8/15/2017
RatingGreat Product!
I was amazed at how inexpensive this was. It took about 8 business days for us to receive it in the mail. There was a holiday and weekend in between so I attribute it to that. We thought we could hold it and cut the hair through the stencil but our clippers were too big. We realized it was more of a spray on stencil. However, we ended up using a colored washable marker, marked the stencil on my sons head, then clipped the color off. It turned out great! He loves it! And said he was the coolest kid at school. We look forward to getting more of his favorite sports teams in the future.
Reviewed by:  from Idaho. on 1/20/2017
RatingMiami Dolphins stencil
Excellent product - arrived very quickly after the order was placed.
Reviewed by:  from Abilene, TX. on 8/18/2016
RatingLA Lakers Stencil
Excellent product - arrived very quickly after the order was placed.
Reviewed by:  from Abilene. on 8/18/2016
RatingHair Art Saints Stencil
I purchased this stencil to easily put a game day hair art on my wife's hair. To make it easier to use and position I utilized an old shower cap, cut out the required shape of the stencil and found it very easy to place on her head and then to spray the hair art paint. The results were great and the stencil worked a treat.
Reviewed by:  from New Orleans. on 9/22/2016
RatingCake Decorating
I am actually in Trinidad but sent it to my brother's Ohio address. The package was then sent to me in the Caribbean. I purchased the item to be used yes as a stencil but not for hair. I do cake decor and needed it for that. The material used to make the stencil is food safe and I am happy with my purchase. Gr8 product!
Reviewed by:  from Trinidad (Caribbean). on 10/28/2016
RatingTimely delivery and product was as described.
Great products and timely delivery!
Reviewed by:  from Houston. on 8/18/2016
Reviewed by:  from dallas. on 10/1/2011
RatingColor Spray
Used two products on my wife's hair, first coat of black and then Gold Glitter. They looked real good and was very easy to apply and remove afterwards.
Reviewed by:  from New Orleans. on 9/22/2016
RatingSylvester Cat
I've have used my stencils and I love them there so easy to use it thank you so much art
Reviewed by: from Dallas. on 8/17/2016
RatingLeopard print 1
Very good thanks
Reviewed by:  from Uk. on 8/26/2016
RatingButterfly 1
Very good thanks
Reviewed by:  from Uk. on 8/26/2016
RatingCustom Stencil - Positive Flame Stencil
I created a custom stencil on Adobe Illustrator and emailed the blueprints to mrhairart and they got right on it to create my stencil! It was a great stencil of a positive flame, meaning that you shave around the flame so that the hair makes the shape of the flame. Mrhairart did a phenomenal job getting my order exactly as I wanted. The only issue is on my part. Having tiny areas in a stencil is very hard to shave in.
Reviewed by:  from Delaware. on 12/25/2016